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Topeak Tri Bags

From £12.99

Positioned for minimum windÊresistance and easy access. TheseÊbags are ideal for triathletes or ridersÊwanting to keep energy food or otherÊsmall items close at hand.Three models: mesh cover, rainÊcover or fully waterproof DryBagInternal compartments keepÊitems separatedSimple velcro strap fixingÊMesh Cover:-Small: 14x4x10.2cm, 0.6L, 59gLarge:Ê18x10.2x4cm, 0.72L, 72gAll-Weather:-Small: 14x4x10.2cm, 0.6L, 65gLarge:Ê18x10.2x4cm, 0.72L, 80gDryBag:-Small:Ê14.5x4.7x12.8cm, 0.6L, 65gLarge: 18x12.8x4.7cm, 0.72L, 120gÊ

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