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Lizard Skins Lizard Skins - Single-Sided Lock-On Gradient - Olive Green

This item / size combination is out of stock. Please contact the store as more may be on order. You can call 01732 847 438 or email us here.
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Experience an unrivalled grip with the 'Lizard Skins - Single-Sided Lock-On Gradient' in a striking Olive Green scheme. Developed by trusted brand Lizard Skins, experts in cycle componentry, this grip offers superior control in all trail conditions.

Thoughtfully designed, it embodies a sophisticated dual pattern approach. This delivers uncompromising comfort and grip, guaranteeing commendable control, even on the most aggressive terrains. The special all-over traction texture ensures your hands stay firmly in place, allowing for premium handling and safer rides.

Inspired by Oury's timeless designs, this single clamp Lock-On handlebar grip significantly reduces handlebar vibrations. It features a large block pattern, fused with exceptionally soft rubber. The result is a cycle grip that offers not just impressive control, but optimum comfort too.

As Lizard Skins' most technical grip, it boasts a larger diameter in key areas that absorb impacts effectively and provide superb vibration dampening. Experience the perfect interplay between comfort and control with the Strata, a medium-to-large diameter grip with a firm platform. Reap the benefits of its intricate circular pattern, purposely engineered for maximum traction and excellent handling.

Setting it apart is its unique ergonomic design. The Gradient is a single clamp grip that varies in thickness, providing a comfortable shape that adapts to your hand. Measuring 30.25mm near the clamp, it expands to its thickest, most padded point of 36.5mm for the outer part of your hand.

Suitable for both MTB and BMX riders, upgrade your cycle experience with a grip that's synonymous with quality, comfort, and excellent performance. Proudly made in the USA.

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