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The LEZYNE - E-BIKE RACK PRO STVZO E40 REAR light is your ideal partner for ensuring optimal visibility and safety while tackling the streets on your e-bike. This top-notch rear light is StVZO certified and delivers 360° visibility that aids in commanding attention of fellow road users, reducing the risk of unforeseen accidents.

Boasting twelve high-output LEDs, this rear light captivates with an impressive brightness of 40 lumens, flooding the surrounding area with potent light and enhancing your overall visibility, particularly in low-light conditions. The robust structure of this light meets IPX7 Waterproofing standards, weathering through varied climate conditions without missing a beat.

Our E-Bike Rack Pro StVZO E40 rear light seamlessly complements 50 and 80mm rack mount spacing, featuring stainless Allen key hardware for robust installation. A 135 cm power cable comes included to connect the light to your e-bike's motor or battery system. The e-bike compatibility input range stands at 10.5 - 13.5V, with a power consumption of 1.7W, making it a power-efficient pick.

It is to be noted that this rear light requires manual installation, possibly necessitating the disassembly of the bike and motor in certain cases. Moreover, additional wiring might be required to establish a connection between the light and the motor. Contact the e-bike or motor manufacturer for detailed instructions about installation, or better yet, allow a trained e-bike professional to install it for you.

Grab the LEZYNE - E-BIKE RACK PRO STVZO E40 REAR today for a bolder and safer riding experience.

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