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Abus - 6100/90 BK SHFL BORDO Combo / MONKEY

This item / size combination is out of stock. Please contact the store as more may be on order. You can call 01732 847 438 or email us here.
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The classic model as a combination lock: the key to the BORDO Combo 6100 Folding Lock is carried around in your head.

Do you need a bicycle lock which can be used by several people, for example the different members of your family? The BORDO Combo 6100 Folding Lock saves you the effort of swapping keys around and trying to find out who had them last. The lock can be conveniently opened using your choice of four-digit numerical code instead of a key. The customary ABUS quality comes as standard: bike thieves don't stand a chance, regardless of whether the lock uses a numerical code or a key.

¢ 5 mm bars with extra-soft two-component casing to prevent damage to paintwork

¢ The bars and body are made of specially hardened steel

¢ Bars are linked with special rivets

¢ Two-component digit cylinder ensures long-lasting legibility

¢ Individually configurable code

¢ SHFL Monkeylink - lock holder with magnetic attachment to the Fidlock TWIST bike base on the bike. The folding lock is removed from the holder from the front.

¢ Outstanding protection in situations where there is a medium risk of theft

¢ Ideal for securing high-cost bicycles

¢ The longer the chain, the easier it is to lock the bicycle to a fixed object

¢ The combination lock is great for use by several people

¢ BORDO family: Perfect combination of durability, flexibility, weight and transport dimensions

Note: This lock bracket can only be fitted if the user has the fidlock twist bike base

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