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Bike Fitting

Bike fitting has become a staple of everything we do, optimising the rider’s interaction with all aspects of the bike.

Whether you are new to cycling or a veteran, keeping your bike fit up to date and optimal is the best way to ensure that you are getting the most from yourself and your bike, for years to come.

We are always improving our practice in all areas and bike fitting is no different. Through ongoing research and training, we keep our bike fitting practices to the highest standards. Working with new and existing clients, We ensure that we are always getting the most from you and your machine, every season, regardless of level and goals.

Through interview and discussion, we learn about your goals and your history, in order to provide a solid direction and ensure that your fit is optimised for your future riding.

Through physical assessment, we find out more about your capabilities and restrictions, to build a better picture of what we can achieve when developing a new position, reinforcing our priorities for moving forward.

Through dynamic assessment and subsequent modification, we monitor and discuss your responses to changes and transition in to your finished position for that session.

We then translate the resulting across to your own Bike, or in the case of a new purchase, use this information to assist in selecting the most suitable model, size and specification to suit you.

We strive to be on the cutting edge of new equipment and parts in order to always provide the best possible fit and comfort.

We recommend that regular riders are checking their fit annually.

Bike Fitting Charges

Bike Fit £160.00

Time Trial / Triathlon Fit £160.00

Subsequent Appointments £80.00

Translation of Shoe Setup to second pair £25.00

Translation of Fit to Second Bike Charged at Regular Workshop Labour Rate.

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