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Rockstop Frameguard E for eMTB Frame

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The FRAMEGUARD E for eMTB FRAME by Rockstop offers superior impact protection for your motor casing. It reduces damage from heavy rock strikes and provides downtube protection from trail debris. Additionally, it offers tailgate and bike rack protection. This universal fitting MTB product is easy to fit.The Frameguard features an aluminium plate that is moulded inside, reinforcing the tough and shock-absorbing polymer material. It also bends the Frameguard to suit each bike frame. The high shock-absorbing polymer is specially formulated to withstand heavy rock strikes without shattering the factory-fitted motor casing.The Frameguard has a curved design that provides extra volume, ensuring a seamless fit between the guard and the frame, regardless of the bike brand. It is designed to fit a wide range of bikes currently available on the market. We recommend checking the dimensions of your frame against the Frameguard dimensions and ensuring there are no factory-fitted parts that may obstruct the fitting tabs.To check if your bike has been tested or to submit your own fitting results, please visit rockstopmtb.co.uk/fitchecker.

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