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ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser Single Unit 300 ml

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Dedicated for the active riders, the ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser Single Unit 300ml is a carefully formulated solution ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your cycling apparel. It penetrates deep into the fabric fibres to effectively eradicate dirt, sweat, odour, and body oils, while preserving the softness and elasticity of your gear. Ideal for regular use, the active ingredients revive and maintain your cycle clothing's breathability, colour, and moisture-wicking properties, keeping them in excellent condition.

This cleanser is safe and suitable for all types of fabrics and colours as it gently but effectively cleans without the need for harsh scrubbing that can damage the material. Its easy rinse formula ensures no residue is left behind, providing a clean and fresh fragrance. The simple to use 300ml measured pump container ensures you get the correct dose for each wash, helping to minimise waste and maximise efficiency.

Perfect for regular riders or for the occasional leisurely cycle, keep your biking apparel fresh, clean, and ready for the next adventure with the ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser. It's not just a cleanser, it's an assurance of a long-lasting performance of your cycling gear, an essential addition to your post-ride routine.

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