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Dynaplug Racer tubeless bicycle tyre repair kit - Black

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Brand: Dynaplug

The Racer Tubeless Bicycle Tyre Repair Kit by Dynaplug is a vital accessory for any cyclist. Whether you're racing against time on a cross-country trail or just out for a leisurely ride, this lightweight tool is your best companion for immediate, hassle-free puncture repairs.

Nicked a sharp rock on your trail and punctured your tyre? No worries. The Dynaplug kit is here to get you back on track - and fast. Just take off the offender, swiftly insert the novel tube into the hole, and voila! Your tyre is patched up and you're good to go. No need for messy glues, solvents, or even removing the tyre.

This handy kit stores two preloaded insertion tubes - one standard soft nose plug for standard holes and an extra-large Megaplug for serious tyre damages. Both come covered with a waterproof CNC'd cap, so you can strap them onto your bike and forget about them - until a puncture happens, that is.

Working in harmony with your tyre, the repair plug is a unique, sealant-friendly, viscoelastic impregnated rubber that bonds instantly and permanently. The nonabrasive brass tip ensures your rim and rim tape remain unscathed.

At a minute weight of 23 grams and 93 mm length, this tool sits unobtrusively in your pocket or strapped to your frame, at the ready for any puncture emergencies. And if the plug tail gets in your way later, you can just snip it off.

Your Kit includes the tool with both standard and megaplug stainless steel insertion tubes, 2 Megaplugs, and 3 soft nose standard plugs.

Experience reliable, American-made quality with Dynaplug. With patented technology and a life-warranty under normal usage, rest assured that you're making an excellent choice in bicycle tyre repair kits.

So, why wait any longer? Grab your Dynaplug Racer Tubeless Bicycle Tyre Repair Kit today and experience the freedom and convenience of hassle-free rides.

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