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ASSOS Chamois Creme 200ml MAN

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ASSOS' legendary chamois crème is a must-have before your ride. This cream reduces irritation caused by friction, hydrates and replenishes your skin, and minimizes the risk of saddle sores.Chafing and saddle sores are common problems for cyclists, whether you are a professional or an amateur. That's why we have specifically developed a lubricating cream that effectively relieves these issues. Our Chamois Crème moisturizes and provides a slight cooling sensation, making it perfect for reducing friction and enduring long rides. Plus, it washes out easily without damaging or staining your chamois.Over the decades, we have perfected the formula of our Chamois Crème to become the industry benchmark. It has become a staple in every cyclist's toolkit. Choose ASSOS for the best care for your skin during your rides.

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