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Knog Blinder Road Rear 150 Light

Knog Blinder Road Rear 150 Light
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CHIP ON BOARD LED'S & SIDE ILLUMINATIONFitted with advanced COB LED technology means, the R-150 produces a superbright and consistent beam of light covering a wide area. The COBs wide beam angle, in addition to lens geometry specifically designed for side illumination, allows for 200 degrees of visibility. MULTI-CHANNEL LEDS & SPECTACULAR FLASH PATTERNSThrough its use of advanced COB LED technology and seven dedicated lighting channels, the R-150 is able to produce arresting visual patterns that are almost impossible to miss. Wide-beam COB and focused Strobe LED combined with high output, and eye catching patterns means this light is highly visible when used in day or night. SUPER BRIGHTProducing a powerful 150 Lumens, the R-150 is bright enough for use day or night in any riding conditions. 100% WATERPROOFWith an IP67 rating, this light can be summered in 1 meter of water and still come out shining. CONVENIENT USB RECHARGINGRecharged via integrated USB-A means there is no requirement for single-use batteries or charging cables. Recharged from flat in three hours DEDICATED STROBE LEDThe R-150's exceptional visibility is also aided via a dedicated high powered strobe LED on its own channel. This allows the strobe element of this light to operate independently from the rest of the LEDs. Finally, with the strobe LED focused optic set at an angle of 12ø, it means that even when mounted on a seat tube, the R-150 strobe is pointing in the right direction (parallel to the road) to maximise visibility at long distances. CHARGE INDICATORConvenient LED glows green whilst the light is charging and turns off when the light has achieved full charge capacity. LOW BATTERY INDICATORNo need to guess when you're light need to be recharged with a convenient LED that lights up red when your light dips below 10% remaining charge. LIGHT WEIGHTWeighing just 40 grams this is lightweight in all the right ways. 8 MODES The R-150 has eight modes to choose from, including: a 50hr runtime, so whether you are looking for the longest run time or the most eye catching light pattern, the R-150 has a range of options to pick from.

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